About the ACS Project

The goal of the Astaro Community Software Project is to create a working and extensible framework with which new (third-party) software can be added to stock ASL systems. The desire to do this arose because ASL systems are not simply standalone firewalls, they are fully-functioning Linux servers. As such, they can be used for more in-depth network hacking purposes than are officially supported by Astaro. The primary goal of ACS, however, is to add related functionality to ASL firewalls - we are not trying to turn ASL into a desktop environment.

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Current State
July 16 2002

bootstrap 0.9 released: The bootstrap tarball has been released. This contains the basic ACS file hierarchy (under /opt). It also contains pre-installed versions of acsselect, acspkg, and acspkg-dev.

acsselect 1.10.3-2.1 released: This is the main user interface to acspkg. It seems to work, though it has not been extensively tested.

acspkg 1.10.3-2.1 released: This is the commandline package management tool. It seems to work, but please report bugs.

acspkg-dev 1.10.3-2.1 released: This contains some tools related to developing acs packages.

acshelper 4.0.17-1 released: This contains some tools related to building acs packages.

make 1.0 released: This is a dummy package, linking the pluspack make into the ACS hierarchy. It will be replaced with a real make (ie independant of pluspack) eventually.

To Do

apt: Porting work has begun...

pluspack replacement: Right now, some of the acs tools depend on the PlusPack. PlusPack tools need to be replaced with acs packages in order to have a clean environment.

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