Version 4.0.17-1

acshelper is a collection of helper programs for acs/rules A collection of programs that can be used in a acs/rules file to automate common tasks related to building acs packages. Programs are included to install various files into your package, compress files, fix file permissions, etc. Most acs packages use acshelper as part of their build process.

  1. From the commandline, as root: acspkg -i acshelper_4.0.17-1_all.acs

Known Bugs
  • Some dh_* programs have not really been written yet:
    • dh_installinit
    • dh_installcron
    • dh_installlogrotate
    • dh_installmodules
    • dh_installpam
    • dh_suidregister
    These will be written as the need arises.
  • Please report any bugs to the SourceForge system.

From the Debian version (debhelper):