Version 0.9

The bootstrap tarball has been released. This contains the basic ACS file hierarchy (under /opt). It also contains pre-installed versions of acsselect, acspkg, and acspkg-dev.


While the directory hierarchy itself lives entirely within /opt, the included programs do expect to be able to find PlusPack software (notably make and install) within PATH. Some may even have hard-coded paths to PlusPack programs. Eradicating these references will have to wait until PlusPack can be replaced by ACS programs.

  1. Download the tarball (bootstrap_0.9.tgz) from the project files page
  2. Make a directory somewhere on your disk where you have extra space. (I used /var/chroot-report/acsp)
  3. Make a symbolic link from /opt to this directory
  4. Untar the tarball in the root directory
Known Bugs
  • Probably relies on PlusPack programs. If you find a specific example of this, please report it as a bug in the SourceForge system.